Edina MN Is Full Of Great Restaurants Including These Four Picks

Edina MN is a cute little city south of Minneapolis, and it is known for being a great place to start a family. You get a feel just reading about it and looking at pictures. Do you like the cold weather? That is one thing you would have to put up with living in Edina. The city is nice, the people are nice, there is plenty to do and there are some great restaurants. As you get ready to learn more about Edina and plan your visit, I want to let you in on some great places to eat some delicious meals.

Edina Grill is one of those establishments, and it boasts a popular location on France Avenue South. The menu for this restaurant is all over the place, and I mean that in a good way. You are talking turkey burgers, oatmeal pancakes, sweet potato fries, pulled pork, tuna melts and so much more. It seems like they have just about everything. One person literally went bonkers about the French toast in the reviews, so maybe that is a good choice for your brunch visit.

Pittsburgh Blue is also a great pick, and it is located at the Edina Galleria Mall. Do you like steak? Pittsburgh Blue also serves up loaded mashed potatoes, red velvet cupcakes, lobster rolls and other great foods. One person mentioned it is the best steak he has ever tried, and he also mentioned the snow crab. Do you like snow crab? It is so delicious!

Wildfire is also a popular establishment in Edina MN. It is located at Eden Prairie Center, and prime rib, shrimp cocktails and salmon are just some of the menu items you can expect. I used to not get why people liked salmon so much, but salmon and mashed potatoes makes for a delicious meal.

Red Wagon Pizza Company is also a nice restaurant in Edina MN. Located on Pennsylvania Avenue South, Red Wagon Pizza Company is known for its wood fired pizza. Not only that, they serve up what is called breakfast pizza. I haven’t had breakfast pizza since I was in high school, and I bet you that this place makes a much better version.

These four Edina MN restaurants are sure to please. There are others though, and you will discover them I’m sure as you make your way around the city. Edina MN is calling your name, and I hope you have a great time there.