Is Living In Texas The Future?

Very few places in modern America offer the mythic romance of riding where cowboys once rode and embracing hundreds of years of history without breaking the proverbial bank. Millions of Americans are moving to Texas in an effort to start anew and try their luck elsewhere. What makes Texas such a prominent place to move? Most importantly, why is it dubbed the future of America?

For one, Americans have found that Texas is in fact one of the cheapest places to live in the country. Not only is gas cheaper there, but housing is much different from what you’ve learned to expect. Most homeowners actually own their homes in Texas, and they’re standalone structures as well as much newer than apartments in Brooklyn or old cities.

The unemployment rate in Texas is much lower than anywhere else in the nation. Meanwhile, other states in the union are feeling the general pinch of a bad economy, Texas has added over 240,000 new jobs in the year 2013 alone. Middle class citizens looking to make ends meet move to Texas in order to find employment.

Many lower end jobs are created each year, but we must think about the disappearing middle class citizens of America. They aren’t likely to go and work lower end jobs, which is why Texas is an ideal place to move for employment. The state focuses on bettering work opportunities for people from all walks of life.

Speaking of employment, Texas is one of the only states that doesn’t charge employment tax. It’s dubbed one of the best places in America to live simply because employment and property taxes are lower there. On average, each resident of Texas pays less than $3,400 in taxes each year.

Perhaps the most compelling reason that people want to move to Texas is because they enjoy the romantic notion of cowboys and the wild west. Fortunately, even in this day and age Texas is still honing a cowboy culture and making room for a new generation or ranch hands.

If Texas is the right place to live entirely depends on what you’re looking for in a home. With that being said, many people are relocating to a new state in order to find better jobs, nicer homes, and culture, in which case moving to Texas is ideal. In any case, the state seems to be the future of America.