How They Voted: Your Legislators' Voting Records

The Prosperity Project and State Chamber staff are often asked by voters, "We used your Voter's Guides to help make  our decisions on Election Day.  But how do we tell if the leaders we elect to the State Legislature actually vote the way they promised to?"

To see how your legislators voted on any measure during the 2014 legislative session, go to:

State House      State Senate   


Your Legislators' RIED Economic Voting Scores

The Research Institute for Economic Development (RIED) helps you to learn how your State Legislators voted on issues that affect the economy during each Legislative Session. RIED is nonpartisan.  It does not endorse candidates. It does not lobby on bills.

At the end of each Legislative session, RIED's researchers create a profile of each Legislator's individual voting record on issues that affect business, industry, jobs and economic growth that year.

Each Legislator receives a score based upon his or her votes and positions on those bills. A score of 70 percent or above out of a possible 100 is considered pro-business and pro-jobs.  

Here are scores for the 2014 Legislative Session, a year-by-year analysis for each Legislator, plus a cumulative score reflecting a Legislator's history of service:

Click Here For 2014 State Senate and House Voting Scores  

RIED is governed by a Board of Directors elected from its members -- leaders within Oklahoma's business community.   

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